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Story-driven design studio
Malmö, Sweden



Read these terms of use carefully. Your use of the Site (as defined below) constitutes your agreement to the Terms (as defined below).These terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) contains the terms and conditions for the use of the webshop at (along with any associated web sites and services hereinafter collectively referred to as the Site) owned by Stoft Studio (hereinafter referred to as the Provider). When a person (hereinafter referred to as the User) uses the Site he or she agrees to the Terms.

    By using the Site you hereby confirm that you are of legal age to enter this agreement or, if you are not of legal age, that you have your parents or guardians consent to enter this agreement. Information within the Site, such as text and images, may be protected by copyright and/or other proprietary laws. The User may not duplicate, sell or modify any part of the Site or any of its content without prior written authorization from the Provider. The content of the Site is intended to guide the User and to describe the available products and services. This information should always be as accurate and up to date as possible, however the Provider cannot guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the content within the Site.
    The User accepts full responsibility for all actions he/she performs while using the Site and undertakes that he/she is at least eighteen (18) years old. The User also undertakes that all information he/she provides to the Provider through the Site or elsewhere is true, complete and accurate in all aspects. If the User have created an account, he/she is solely responsible for safekeeping the password to the account. In the event of a User ordering on behalf of a company or institution the User undertakes that he/she has sufficient authority to order the items in question and to bind that company or institution to the Terms.
    The Provider is committed to respect the Users privacy when using the Site and information is treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Information obtained by the Provider from the User through the Site is only used to enhance your experience, for the purpose of fulfilling an order and for the customer registry. To be able to fulfill an order the Users information need to be used by and forwarded to third parties, for example for credit card processing and deliveries. In these cases only the information needed for the third party to perform their function is provided. The Provider does not forward any information from the User to a third party other than for the purpose of processing and fulfilling an order. The Provider does not sell or rent any information from the User to a third party for any reason. In case of infringement of laws or violation of good practice by the User the Provider reserves the right to transfer any information provided by the User to the authorities.
    When a User places an order in the Site a binding sales agreement between the Provider and the User is entered, the Provider however reserves the right to reject any order on its sole discretion. In the case that the Provider rejects an order the User shall be notified within reasonable time. Unless otherwise agreed by the Provider, the payment of an order must be received prior to the order being accepted.
    The price of each product can be seen in the Site. Price information can be seen in Swedish Kronor (SEK) and Euro (EUR). The User may choose in which of these currencies an order should be processed in the order enquiry. The Provider does not take responsibility for any additional charges that might be applied by any third party that processes payments. Price information on the Site includes Swedish VAT which currently is 25%. The User may not choose whether or not to pay VAT on an order. Swedish VAT will be added to all orders (product prices and delivery charges) except for when the residency and delivery address of the User is outside of the European Union or for companies within EU but outside of Sweden with a valid EU VAT number. Companies may also contact the Provider directly to manually process an order. Note that the User is solely responsible to follow the rules and regulations which apply in the country to where an order is made. Individuals are commonly obliged to account for and pay VAT to the authorities in their own country. When Swedish VAT is not added to an order to a company or institution the company or institution is responsible to account for VAT in their own country.
    Shipping methods are determined by item size, type, fragility and specific characteristics. Shipping costs are calculated based on carrier rates, delivery distance and packing complexity. After you have made an order enquiry we will get back to you with a quote. Any additional delivery costs, such as customs duty, are not included and will not be paid by the Provider. The delivery time for an order will be the same as for the ordered product with the longest delivery time. All ordered products will be delivered at the same time unless otherwise is agreed with the Provider. The Provider reserves the right to reject an order. In the event of incorrect delivery time information in the Site at the time of the order the User will be contacted by the Provider and offered a new delivery date. If this is not accepted by the User he/she has the right to cancel the order. The Provider takes responsibility for loss and damage made to a product during the delivery to the address the User provided or to the pickup point provided by the shipping company for the address the User provided. Once the products have been delivered to the User or to the pickup point any loss or damage to the ordered products lies with the User.
    The User, except for companies and institutions to which the return policy does not apply, has, in accordance with the Swedish consumer protection legislation, the right to return or exchange a product within fourteen (14) days after delivery to the User has been made. The policy does not apply to products which are produced on order (i.e. items that are not available in stock) or altered according to the Users wishes. The User has a right to return a product if all of the following is true:
    1) The order has been cancelled according to the Terms by notifying the Provider within fourteen (14) days after the delivery, and
    2) The product has not been used, and
    3) The product and all its parts are in the same condition as when the User received it, and
    4) The product and all its parts have been repackaged in the original package or equivalent.The products must be returned immediately after the cancellation of the order. During the return delivery the User is responsible for any eventual loss or damages to the returned products.
    We have two payment options.
    a) Card and Internet Payments We use the Paypal payment invoice, which accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.
    b) Proforma Invoice (Recommended for trade customers) The provider will send the user a proforma invoice to their email. The user will confirm the order and then the provider will issue an invoice to be paid by direct bank transfer. The production of the goods will start on completion of payment.
    In the case that one or more products ordered by the User are damaged or incorrect the User has, upon returning the products, the right to one of the following:
    1) Get a refund of the damaged or incorrect products, or
    2) Without additional charges receive new and correct productsThe User must immediately upon receiving and discovering a damaged or incorrect product contact the Provider. If the product has visible damages on the packaging it is delivered in, the User must not sign any delivery documents without making a written remark of the damages in such documents. If a written remark is not made although the packaging is damaged, the Provider has no responsibility to replace or refund the products as stated above.
    The Provider reserves the right to at any time and without prior notice make changes to the Site, these Terms and to cease to supply any of the products or services within the Site.
    The Provider reserves the right to assert force majeure in the event of natural disaster (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or the like), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, military or usurped power or confiscation, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, terrorist activities, nationalization, government sanction, blockade, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity, internet or telephone service. The Provider is entitled to not fulfill the Terms under such circumstances. The Provider will if this would occur try to contact the User, provided that communication is still possible.
    You hereby agree that the Terms are governed, construed and enforced in all aspects in accordance with Swedish law and that any disputes are settled in Malmö district court.