Story-driven design
Studio in Malmö, Sweden

Museum Collections
Acquisition 2017 – Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin (Museum of Decorative Arts), permanent collection
Acquisition 2017 – Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola Poland, permanent collection

Awards & Acknowledgements
2018 RUM Design Awards – Designer of the Year
2017 Iaspis Grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Cultural Exchange
2017 Selected as one of nine design studios for the Swedish Design Pavilion by London Design Fair
2017 Selected for the exhibition “Whats your DNA” by Southern Sweden Creatives and curator Kajsa Willner
2017 Selected to be part of “Hjälp barn på flykt” Auction at Bastard, Malmö curated by Emma Persson Lagerberg
2016 Project grant, the Crafoord Foundation
2016 Project Grant, the city of Malmö (= nomad)
2016 Iaspis Grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Cultural Exchange
2016 Selected for the exhibition “The new map” as one of 20 participating designers
2014 Sustainability Grant, the city of Malmö
2014 Granted a one-week workshop at Tärnsjö Leather Tannery by the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design
2013 One-Year Working Grant, Konstnärsnämnden
2013 Iaspis Grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Cultural Exchange
2013 Plaza Design Award “Rookie of the year” (Mechanical thoughts)
2013 The Cultural Award of the city of Malmö (collected work)
2013 Young Swedish Design Award (Dear disaster)
2013 Interior Innovation Award – selected for the [D3] Contest (Dear disaster)
2012 The Design Award of the Region of Scania for recently graduated designer
2012 Malmö industriförening Spring Award (Collected work)
2012 Konst/Design in Örestads Award of Sydform (Dear disaster)

Ongoing Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions
17.04.2018 – Salone Satellite, Salone Del Mobile Milano
04.05.2018 – Selected, Designmonat, Graz
10.05.2018 – Mint shop Spring show, London
24.05.2018 – 3daysofdesign, The Swedish Ambassador’s Residence, Copenhagen
June 2018 – Form/Design Center, Malmö

Past Exhibitions
2017 What’s your DNA, Form/Design Center Malmö
2017 Roundabout Baltic, Gdynia City Museum, Poland
2017 Nomad at Malmö Live
2017 Dutch Design Week, What’s your DNA, Klokgebouw Eindhoven. Supported by Iaspis.
2017 The world’s smallest design shop, studio Butler/Lindgård Malmö Gallery Night
2017 London Design Fair, Swedish Design Pavilion, Old Truman Brewery
2017 Swedish Embassador Residence, London Design Week
2017 Roundabout Baltic, Museum of Applied Arts and Design Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 Mint shop, London (Dear disaster)
2017 Solo exhibition at Form/Design Center Shop Gallery in Malmö (Misc)
2017 Roundabout Baltic, The Nordic House Reykjavík, Iceland
2017 Colour Emotions, Dunkers Kulturhus Helsingborg (Truncus)
2017 Roundabout Baltic, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga (Biophilia)
2017 Dong, Props by Kampmann, Stockholm (Biophilia, Minor Flaws)
2017 Auction/Exhibition, Young Swedish Design & Stockholm Auction House, Stockholm Design Week (Dear disaster)
2016 White Canvas, Mint shop, London Design Festival
2016 Roundabout Baltic, Estonian Museum of Applied Arts and Design (Biophilia)
2016 Passion for more, Wallery & Props by Kampmann (Biophilia, Dear disaster frame, Minor Flaws)
2016 Colour Emotions, Design Week Turkey, Istanbul (Truncus)
2016 Colour Emotions, Designblok, Prague (Truncus)
2016 = nomad, Form/Design Center, Malmö (Minor Flaws, Equals nomad)
2016 Roundabout Baltic, Form/Design Center, Malmö (Biophilia)
2016 Colour Emotions, Form/Design Center, Malmö (Truncus)
2016 Vandalorum, Värnamo (Biophilia)
2016 Light + Building Young Design, Hall 1.1 B41, Frankfurt (Minor Flaws)
2016 Nationalmuseum, Sweden’s premier museum of Art and Design, Stockholm (Biophilia)
2016 Ambiente Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt (Vietcraft)
2016 Color Emotions, Tändstickspalatset, Stockholm (Biophilia)
2016 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Stockholm (Minor Flaws)
2016 Gallery Pascale, Stockholm (Dear disaster)
2016 Formex Fair Young Designers, Stockholm
2016 Formex Trend restaurant, special selection, Stockholm (Minor Flaws, Dear disaster)
2016 Formex Trend exhibition, special selection, Stockholm (Minor Flaws, Dear disaster, Truncus, Petalis)
2015 Form/Design Center, Malmö (Biophilia)
2015 Formgalleriet hos Elleroch, Malmö (Minor flaws, Dear disaster)
2015 Form/Design Center, Malmö (Dear disaster)
2014 Hong Kong Business of Design Week (BODW), Hong Kong Design Centre (Dear disaster)
2014 Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow (Dear disaster)
2014 Völkerkundemuseum, Hamburg (Dear Disaster)
2013 Tranås city hall, Tranås (Dear disaster)
2013 Mint shop, London Design Festival (Mechanical Thoughts, Bye Bye Little Lamb)
2013 Designersblock, London Design Festival (Dear Disaster)
2013 “…yet to be discovered” Direktorenhaus, Berlin (Mechanical thoughts)
2013 Tibro möbeldagarna, Tibro (Dear disaster)
2013 So Stockholm Gallery, Stockholm (Dear Disaster)
2013 Form/Design Center, Malmö (Dear disaster)
2013-2014 Ung Svensk Form (Dear disaster)
2013 Greenhouse Stockholm Furniture & Light fair (Mechanical thoughts, Dear disaster)
2013 IMM Cologne [D3] Contest, Cologne (Dear disaster)